Introduce…!!! My Baby Boy πŸ™‚ Rizaqu. Z. S. W ckckckck what a name πŸ˜€ taken from one of my favorite comic hero, and all his name mean that i m blessed to have grateful son that brings luck πŸ˜‰ aamiin..

And Riza,with sleep – drink – pee as his daily activities, is complete my day, my life and my heart πŸ™‚ the best i have πŸ˜‰

Β Β 


2 thoughts on “Son

  1. Semoga menjadi anak yang sholih,
    Taat kepada Alloh dan RosulNya,
    Berbakti kepada orangtuanya,
    Menjadi mujahid pembela Islam.
    β€œAllahumma barik fih (Ya Allah, berkahilah kehidupannya).”

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