For my beloved son,

I made this notes, as a reminder for us, reminder about one man, that being so nice and lovely in our lifetime 🙂 yes, you know him well. he is my husband, your father 😀

Maybe, one day, there will be hard time for us. Tough day too pass, and in that day i want you too remember that he definitely would do anything to make us laugh and happy. Believe me, he could and would 🙂 and yes, remind me also.

Maybe, one day, he would say or do something that he does not realize is hurting us, please remember that he never mean it. He loves us more than himself. Believe me that maybe, he had a tough day to be lived, and he need us to cheer him up 🙂 and showing our love would make his day better

Maybe, one day, he can not give you or me, what we want. Be sure, he has reason to it. He would do and give us anything that make us happy, and when he cannt, it doesnt mean he doesnt love us. Believe me, he already give us a priceless treasure, his love and affection 🙂

Maybe, one day, he forget to say how proud he is, to have son like you, or how blessed he is to have wife like me. Lets say, that its our pride to have a man like him in our life. Reminds us to keep say thanks to Allah and wish the best for him 🙂

Maybe, one day, he can not be there, when you and i need him. It is not because he forgets us, believe me, if he can he would give all his 24hr for us. Accompany us when we are laugh and cry, sad or feeling lonely. Remember, his heart always be with us. His love always shining our day. His absence is not his will 🙂

There will be another day, another feeling about him. I want you to keep in mind, he loves you,  since you were not yet born into the world 🙂 i guarantee that. And if one day you wanna know the story or anything about him, lets take a sit, drink hot chocolate with me and let’s listen to my story.


Your Mom


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